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Where can I reach Bicycles for Humanity Charleston?
Of course, you can contact us through this website, but there are a few other possibilities. 

1. Facebook: Bicycles for Humanity Charleston 

2. Instagram: b4hcharleston

3. Twitter: b4hcharleston

About b4h-charleston

Bicycles for Humanity is a global grassroots movement of local chapters in developed countries that empowers many in the developing world with the gift of mobility delivered by a bicycle. Our Bicycle Empowerment Model concept creates many jobs servicing and supporting the bicycles and we are creating micro-economies around mobility. A bicycle allows a healthcare worker to visit 4 to 5 times the number of patients in a day. It allows a mother to transport water and get her goods to market. For students that have to travel long distances to schools, it allows them more time and energy for studies and helping at home. A bicycle can help in all these areas and many more.

If you have an old, used or new bicycle that you would like to donate, or you are interested in becoming a B4H volunteer, please contact us.

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